Friday, December 28, 2007

Does Benazir's death matters?

Words of sympathy, bewilderment abound. What did benazir contribute to the world/pakistan political or social scene? Is it that she went on to become the head of one of the Muslim countries but then so they have been in turkey, Indonesia and Bangladesh. All these (so called) Muslim countries have been headed by a woman at one time or the other, quite ironically, something which American's, French and Russians still wish to achieve.

Largely her contributions are not much that wuld be remembered in history.

She was a novice in politics irrespective of what the world media writes about her. Her current sacrifice on the altar of Bush, makes her all the more irrelevant. I believe that was what Ms Bhutto didn't realize since her return from self imposed exile, at behest of Bush & Co., that while Bush could have it both ways, if she succeeded great, she would be another stooge of American interests like Mushrraf already is, but under the garb of democracy and IF she met an ill fate, he could declare under the banner he still maintains under an executive order to invade Pakistan to 'liberate the people and institute democracy'. If alive, there was no way that anyone else would ever win the elections in Pakistan except her PPP.

Her contribution to India was something that not many know about, maybe, something that changed the course of Indian relationship with Pakistan. That was undertaken during her brief tenure as Pakistani PM 98-90.
We all know that militancy in Punjab and Kashmir was at peak post Indira's assasination. Zia was proving too clever to handle and he had made a master move to engage Indians on both fronts and was most likely to have his way if continued to live any longer. Rajiv declared from the ramparts of the Red Fort that 'hum unhey unki naani yaad dila dengey'. A few weeks later Zias plane blew up in mid air and remains a mystery till date.

Benazir took up Pakistan reins thereafter and Rajiv Gandhi met her in Delhi during that brief stint. After that meeting, quite miraculously, the very next day onwards...the Punjab militancy had died out. Just like *poof*.

KPS Gill just happened to be at the right place at the right time and Indians would not give the credit of this to Benazir for electorate would question the reasons behind this pakistani gesture of magnanimity? . When the same KPS Gill was sent to other troubled spots upon people's behest, he failed miserably but no one questions. Not to mention the charges of molestation against this man by a senior civil officer.

Anyways, Benazir describes that meeting with Rajiv in her own words, "Nobody else knew what Rajiv and I discussed. There was no fly on the wall. How can anyone say I have not kept my promises to him when the single biggest result of that meeting was the end of the Sikh insurgency? It was Rajiv who committed to me that he would withdraw from Siachen. I made no promises that could have been broken."

Indian establishment would do well to grant that due, where it lies, if it really has to pay tribute to benazir. But this act of her's also shows that they came out to be a pretty novice vis a vis Rajiv Gandhi, so as to understand politics, where promises are made to be broken.

In another interview with Rediff, she went on to publically state her views about gen Musharraf's analytical skills: "He (Musharraf) was my Director General Military Operations and he presented me with his plan in front of 50 officers about how the mujahideen would infiltrate an area similar to Kargil. How they would bring about a war and the Indians wouldn't be able to dislocate us and they would be forced to start a second front at which point the international community would intervene and we would take Srinagar."

She is probably the only premier of a country who has so routinely violated Official Secrets Act and her oath of secrecy, probably you wouldn't even expect the likes of Laloo prasad or Mulayam Singh to succumb to because of their political misalignments. Good for Indians, but this lady was not supposed to be where she reached, by luck or by fluke.

She played in the hands of India then, she played into the hands of US now. She lived in the hope of emulating Indira because just like her, she got the reins of a political party into her hands, as an inheritance, but unlike Indira, she wasn't shrewd, cunning or politically savvy. Strong! yes..maybe!! but courageous acts can, in retrospect, also be deemed foolhardy.

So, grieve for the lives lost as we should for what they sought to do, but remember US complicity with their tunnel vision. I hope we learn that Shock and Awe as a super power, treating nations they don't understand like dominions is not the solution of democracy because Democracy is rooted in self determination not having a super power dictating what Thou Shall Do and Don't.

That's has been America's arrogant mistake. Ask America's Native American elders and their fate.

Grieve, then do the right thing, not the emotional thing.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Salman Rusdie- The knight of the looming nights

The Western world has developed and now mastered, the art of glamorizing filth and sin. IMMORALITY is now termed "new morality!" Whoever thinks that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are in a sinful adulterous relationship despite all the adoptions they both undertake? That Jemima Khan and Hugh Grant were two souls seeped neck deep in adultery and it all looked so very cool?
Nevertheless, it is defamatory and libelous to call a woman a b1tch, but not if you call her a "super b1tch."
I have heard that in London there is a Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, where many enjoy the passionate and vehement harangues. It's free for all. One is allowed to curse, abuse and swear anybody and everybody. The law of libel and defamation does not apply in this haven of free speech and un-bridled expressions. Yet I am told that Her Majesty the Queen of England is above any abuse or tirade. She is sacrosanct! Not only in Hyde Park but throughout Britain either by word of mouth or through the media, "Thou shalt not denigrate the queen".

A retired employee at Buckingham Palace wrote a book entitled "Officially Speaking." About the goings on in the Royal precincts. About drunken orgies and sexual frolics among the Royalty. The publication of this piece of Royal gossip was rightly suppressed by Mrs. Thatcher's (then) government. Amazing England! But Mr. Rushdie prevails where a blue blooded Englishman fails. Thanks to Maggie and her British votaries of free speech. Wait and read!!
"Chamcha (another name of Rushdie in The Satanic Verses TSV - Have you read it? Please read it but only a pirated version) finds himself dreaming of the Queen. of MAKING TENDER LOVE to the MONARCH. She was the body of Britain, the avatar of the State, and he had chosen her, JOINED WITH HER; she was his Beloved, the moon of his delight" (page 169 of TSV)(1) . What is Rushdie telling his readers, if not that he f*&^ked her Majesty? "Joined with her," above compare with his expression "STILL CONJOINED," on page 12.
I expect some British blockhead of the literary world to cry - "Oh! Rushdie only f*&^ked our Queen in his dream." It is all fiction! After all, we can't hold a man accountable for his dreams. That is true, but "O pervert!" Rushdie was not dreaming when he penned those words!

Anyways...this old plagiarising wannabe writer Salman Rushdie has been knighted in the Puppet Monarchy's Birthday honors for services to racial hatred and stirring up fundamentalism. Everything else is secondary.

This author of The Satanic Verses has been credited with inflaming more racial hatred, irrational superstitious religious intolerance and fundamentalist persecution's than all the previous writers of his generation who ever attempted cashing in quick on debunking the holy books and scriptures od their forefathers.

Looking smug and utterly confident in his self-publicity today Rushdie and his equine-toothed wife Padma Lakshmi were utterly cock-a-hoop at the glory of the Knight of the British Empire - aka KBE. Remember, it was Mr. Rushdie, the knight, who went about in the press, accusing kaizad gustad of that movie 'boom' fame, for not paying his girlfriend (padma lakshmi) her dues despite making her strip on screen. What a knight for Padma, what a knight to be honoured by a queen?

This is even better news than the £10 million of British taxpayers' money that has been lavished on police protection for me since the Ayatollahs pronounced me a corrupting influence," Rushdie told the press today.

The fatwa issued by Ayatollah Khomenei (two years past the first publication) sent sales of my book soaring into the stratosphere. Crazy Ayatollah!! But for him, this knight would have been an unknown entity.

But for now, this KBE is just the icing on the cake.

And now we can enjoy all of that cake and eat it at the same time!

Bottoms UP everybody!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Islam - A renaissance overdue by a hundred years

"...the Qur’an is not a talisman to be hung around our necks for protection against evil. Allah helps those who improve their minds."

Children often play a game where they sit in a circle and one whispers something to his neighbor, who then whispers that information to the next child, and so on, around to the beginning again. By the time the last child whispers the information to the first, it is often totally different from what was originally said.
Something like that seems to have happened within Islam. Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, brought one - and only one - religion. Yet today we have perhaps up to a thousand religions that all claim to be Islam.
Divided by their different interpretations, Muslims do not play the role they once did in the world; instead, they are weakened and victimized. The Shia/Sunni schism, for example, is so deep that each side condemns followers of the other as apostates, or kafir. The belief that another group’s religion is not Islam, and that its followers are not true Muslims, has historically fuelled internecine wars and conflicts in which millions have died - and continue to die.

Even among the Sunnis and Shias there are further divisions. The Sunnis have four imams and the Shias have twelve; their teachings all differ. Then there are other divisions, including the Druze, the Alawites, and the Wahabis.
We are also taught by our ulamas (religious instructors) that their teachings must not be questioned: Islam is a faith which must be believed without question and logic or reason plays no part in it. But what is it that we must believe when each branch of Islam thinks the other one is "wrong"? The Qur’an, after all, is one book -- not two or three, nor a thousand.

And according to the Qur’an, a Muslim is anyone who bears witness that "there is no God but Allah, and that Muhammad is his Rasul (messenger)." If no other qualification is added, then all those who subscribe to these precepts must be regarded as Muslims. But because we Muslims like to add qualifications that often derive from sources other than the Qur’an, our religion’s unity has been broken.
Perhaps, the greatest problem of all today is the progressive isolation of Islamic scholarship - and much of the rest of Islamic life - from the rest of the modern world. We live in an age of science in which people can see around corners, hear and see things happening in outer space, and clone animals. And all of these things seem to contradict our belief in the Qur’an.

But this is so only because those who interpret the Qur’an are learned only in religion, and in religious laws and practices; thus they are usually unable to understand today’s scientific miracles. The fatwas (legal opinions concerning Islamic law) that they issue appear unreasonable and cannot be accepted by those with even basic scientific knowledge.

One learned religious teacher, for example, refused to believe that a man had landed on the moon. Others assert that the world was created 2,000 years ago. The age of the universe, or measurements of the size of our own galaxy in light years, are ideas that ulamas (Islamic instructors) who are exclusively trained in religion cannot comprehend.
This failure is largely responsible for the sad plight of so many Muslims. Today’s oppression, the killings and the humiliations of Muslims, occurs because we are weak, unlike many Muslims of the past. We can feel victimized and criticize the oppressors, but to stop them we need to look at ourselves and must change for our own good. We cannot ask our detractors to change, so that Muslims benefit.

So, what do we need to do? In the past, Muslims were strong because they were learned. Muhammad’s injunction was to read, but the Qur’an does not say what to read. Indeed, there was no "Muslim scholarship" at the time, so to read meant to read whatever was available. Thus early Muslims read the works of the great Greek scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers; they also studied the works of the Persians, the Indians, and the Chinese.
The result was a great flowering of science and mathematics. Muslim scholars added significantly to the body of world knowledge and developed new disciplines, such as astronomy, geography, and new branches of mathematics. They introduced numerals, enabling simple and limitless calculations.

But around the fifteenth century, Muslim intellectuals began to curb scientific studies and to focus on religion alone, insisting that only those who study religion - particularly Islamic jurisprudence - would gain merit in the afterlife. The result was a widespread Muslim intellectual regression at the very moment when the rest of Europe began embracing scientific and mathematical knowledge.

And so, as Muslims were intellectually regressing, Europeans began their renaissance, developing improved ways of meeting their societal and economic needs -- including the manufacture of weapons that eventually allowed them to dominate the world. By contrast, Muslims became fatally weakened in their ability to defend themselves by neglecting, even rejecting, the study of allegedly "secular" sciences and mathematics.
This cultural myopia remains a fundamental source of the oppression suffered by Muslims today. Many Muslims still condemn the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kamal, because he tried to modernize his country. But would Turkey be Muslim today without Ataturk? Mustafa Kamal’s clear-sightedness saved Islam in Turkey and saved Turkey for Islam.

Failure to understand and interpret the true and fundamental message of the Qur’an has brought only misfortune to Muslims. By limiting our reading to religious works and neglecting modern science, we destroyed Islamic civilization and lost our way in the world.

The Qur’an says, "Allah will not change our unfortunate situation unless we make the effort to change it." Many Muslims continue to ignore this and instead merely pray to Allah to save us, to bring back our lost glory.

But the Qur’an is not a talisman to be hung around our necks for protection against evil. Allah helps those who improve their minds. - Mahathir Muhammed

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Dignity in Death - Saddam!

OK!! So it all started with those two planes crashing into WTC 1 & 2 but WTC 7 mysteriously came down, crashing on it's own. Various attempts by American public to seek justification of WTC7 implosion, have met with utter contempt and indignation by the administration but that's another story. Once there was even a commission setup under Henry Kissinger to investigate the causes but equally mysteriously that was also disbanded a few months later as families of 9-11 victims expressed their distrust in integrity of this man (HK). Nothing of this commission has ever been heard again.

Soon, there was this talk about Bin Laden hiding in Tora Bora and Bush said that "we're gonna smoke him out.." pure texas style. Osama became the most hated but most powerful character in history of mankind. Superpower went behind this guy and his sleeper cells with all it's military might. Ex imperial power (Tony Blair) wagged along.

Then somewhere down the line talk about putting Baghdad population to "Shock and Awe" strategy came to fore and Saddam was said to possess WMD.

Shock and Awe happened and Saddam did not use any of his WMDs, neither were they found. He was later found (gassed) inside a cat hole, tried for killing 150 shias (mind you....not for using chemical weapons against Iran, Kurds or invading Kuwait) and now executed. He was sent as a sacrifice to God, symbolically, on the dawn of the Eid day.

The very act of hanging Saddam on Eid Day where Muslims slaughter a sheep to feed poor and hungry and seek blessings from Almighty is nothing but 'psychological warfare' on Muslims hearts and minds, played by US/UK combine along with their military.

In a nutshell, Muslims slaughter a sheep on this day in order to simulate Abraham(pbuh) acting upon his dream of God Almighty asking him to sacrifice his most beloved possession in the way of God. He kept seeing the same dream despite giving away his wealth/sheeps and camels until he decided that nothing is left with him that's more dearer than his only son, Ismael. So off he went to sacrifice him and God instead, miraculously replaced ismael with a sheep, whom he slaughtered while his eyes were closed for he could not see the blood pouring out of his own son. That's the story for you guys, just in case you wanted to know...

And No!!! Executing Saddam on the day of Eid is not about disregard to Muslim sensitivities but provocation in it's worst form. Something, which would make every moderate (majority) Muslim believe in what Osama and Saddam maintained all this while, that this war, is about, war between Christianity/Zionism trying to subjugate/steal everything that's dear to Islam Muslims. Roll back, whatever little progress they have done and keep them forever entrenched in medieval ages..and quite frankly, with inner sectarian hatred to exploit, it's not an uphill task at all.

I wont say that Saddam was a saint but even after being, hanged Saddam had won this war as Bush family's two generations couldn't bring him down or his regime by democratic and fair means. Bush will continue to play dirty game all over the world and keep killing thousands of innocent civilians in the name of this phony 'War on terror (nee) Muslims'.

Saddam showed dignity in the face of death. I wonder, how many of us are capable of doing it. In his final days he was reported to have said: "I am in prison but the knights outside will liberate the country. I call on all Iraqis, Arabs and Kurds, to forgive, reconcile and shake

Saddam was a case of an Arab puppet gone "out of hand", others are still in US kitty though.

That's the only reason America invaded, captured, tried and executed him. He was no more a 'criminal' than those who equipped him to commit those crimes, rather, they are no less a criminal. He wouldn't do as he was told, so he had to go. Welcome to the modern world. I wonder who would be found guilty of 9/11 if they were tried in the same way? This was no trial, it was 12 months of finger pointing in the vain and arrogant hope it would justify an absolute mess.

The civilized imperative for fair and humane treatment of alleged POW's brooks no exceptions. Direct U.S. involvement in felling Saddam’s statue following the military/prisoners/innocents rape of Iraq, the public viewing of Saddam being examined medically after capture, pictures of him in innerwear when under U. S. custody, and the circumstances of his execution, will remain as a collective blot on the modern world for posterity. They say they have filmed his final moments on camera and would take it to people's bedrooms, some time later. That would be nauseating. Spare us with those grisly images please as yet...they were only the prerogative of those who wanted to see them on Internet.

Where is the 'civilized' world leading to?

Nearly 3000 UK and US troops dead. At a conservative estimate over 100,000 Iraqis dead. All for what purpose?

Well, Bush and Blair have got what they wanted - Saddam is silenced forever and Tariq Aziz (remember, that Christian confidante in Saddam's cabinet), lays well entrenched in Washington's corridors. Out of sight and out of mind.

But the stink of the illegal invasion of Iraq and the 100,000s innocents killed won't be erased with Saddam.

Saddam has but Bush and Blair must pay the price of THEIR crimes too. Their crimes are crimes against humanity...unlike Saddam, who is hanged for charges of committing crimes against his own people.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddams murder and beyond

If the American-controlled government of Iraq executes former dictator Saddam Hussein, it will add to the growing evidence that American behavior in Iraq has been illegal and even criminal in nature.

But it will also send a chilling message to any government that seeks to control its own destiny that if they cross the United States, they could become victims of an international rule violated by America.

At issue is whether or not as a leader of a country, Saddam had the right to execute individuals engaged in sedition against his regime, which at one time was backed by the United States. Saddam never denied executing the insurgents who tried to topple his government, claiming he had that right. He may well be guilty of criminal behavior, but the failure to prosecute those crimes legally and under international rules of law will only expose American hypocrisies.

They all did it. Victors since times we now term as 'medieval', have vanquished the losers.

But under this phony, unjust and illegal criminal court system in our 'civilized times, in occupied Baghdad, finding Saddam guilty of committing war crimes would also justify prosecuting President George W. Bush, disgraced former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Vice President Dick Cheney for war crimes too.

They stand guilty, based on the same principles bastardized by the US-controlled kangaroo court of the current Iraqi regime, of the crimes of American soldiers who have engaged in the murder of innocent Iraqis during this illegal war.

American soldiers are being prosecuted in some rare instances where the weight of the evidence (unfortunately coming from all sources but US government) is so overwhelming that the American occupatiers cannot deny those charges. But rather than prosecuting the soldiers, Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney should face court-martial.

One must not forget that the illegal invasion of Iraq began when Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney ordered the murder of members of Saddam’s family on March 19, 2003. His two sons, grandson and other relatives were killed in an unprovoked air strike by American fighter jets ordered by the guilty American trio.

A judge who might have ruled against the death penalty was capriciously and illegal removed from the court by the American-controlled government.

The reason they want to rush to execute Saddam is so that Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney can protect themselves, hoping that the death of an unpopular dictator the US helped arm and train might disappear after they leave office.

This scenario of prosecuting Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney for war crimes in Iraq is not that far-fetched and goes far beyond political rhetoric.

There is also an underlying message in the dictate of the American-controlled court ruling that the Arab and Islamic worlds should carefully examine. It is a simple and dangerous message.

If the United States can murder the leader of another nation, regardless of how unpopular he might have been, the reality is that the United States can, at any time, invade any of the other Arab and Muslim countries, too.

And, they can murder the individuals they accuse of crimes without ever prosecuting those fabricated or exaggerated accusations in a court of law.

If Bush can murder Saddam, then he has the power to assassinate the leader of any nation, a practice that was abandoned years ago and only revived under this administration taking it's cue from it's own bartardized zionist regime in the Middle East..

Remember, in the past, American goverments have engaged and conspired in the murder of democratically elected leaders including in Iran where they backed the Shah of Iran and organized a coup to replace a democratically elected leader who was critical of American foreign policy.

The American-anointed Shah went on to become one of the most ruthless murderers of our time, killing, imprisoning and torturing thousands of Iranian civilians, all while the United States looked the other way.

The CIA was engaged in a plan to murder Chile’s democratically elected president, Salvador Allende. Despite the evidence, the CIA has argued that it decommissioned the murder plot before Allende killed himself.

The list of war crimes by the United States exceeds the hyped up charges against Saddam.

Forget about the international violations of laws being committed by American soldiers who have been ordered to ignore the Fourth Geneva Convention, a practice that might come to haunt American soldiers who might be captured by an enemy in some future war.

The very torture justified against the thousands of prisoners being held in American prisons will be used against our own soldiers. The precedent has been set by Bush, and that precedent also bolsters a war crimes prosecution against the Bush administration.

Saddam’s life should be spared and he should only be put on trial before the International Criminal Court at The Hague. That court is the only international judicial body that has jurisdiction over heads of state. The Hague is where war crimes were properly prosecuted against Slobodan Milosevic and others.

But Bush knows that if the case of Saddam were to go to The Hague, he might be acquitted of the trumped up political charges, and instead, war crimes charges could easily be brought against Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney.

That fear is what is driving an otherwise constitutional American democracy to flee the umbrella of the international rule of law, which will never go away and will one day return to haunt this country.

In the end, in executing Saddam, President Bush will be murdering international justice and making an unprecedented mockery of the international rule of law.

-Ray H

Monday, September 18, 2006

Islam is Peaceful..*phew*

Islam is a peaceful religion..HA HA HA!!!

Yes...many of us would laugh when the dichotomous relationship betwenn Islam and Peace is mentioned.

When would the common sense pervail. Muslims are more violent. Let us analyse some recent conflicts as history can be debated for years for its truthness. Hezbollah and Israel. Violence count 1100 (Muslims) and 120 (Jews). Who is more violent?. Iraq and So called coalition of willing - 100,000 (muslims) - 2700 Americans + 500 (others). Who is more violent?. Afghanistan and So called coalition of willing - 10,000 (msulims) and around 500 (americans and others) Who is more violent. The list can go on and on and on. Their is only one difference between all these violenct encounters .. Muslims do not have CNN, BBC and FOX and UN Security council to justify all these although when aljazeera tries to do just that even they get their office and journalist bombed. It is high time that we stop blaming religion for the violence. It is all about money and nothing else. People use religion, democracy, freedom to further their economic interest.

The west has finally out done itself in hypocrisy. While passing the laws to prevent hatred and extremism (UK). It has started to heap hatred toward Islam in form of passing laws to ban Headdresses (Hijab), monitoring religious gathering, abducting people from the streets and rendition them secretly and holding them incommunicado. Repeatedly publishing cartoon showing Prophet Mohammad as a terrorist.

Now, it is utterly hypocritical of Pope Benedict to criticize Islam and it Prophet while it is his followers (the Christian west) who have waged most wars and caused most of the bloodshed in the modern history (WWI, WWII ? resulted in the use of Atomic Weapons by the US, Korean War, Vietnam War and now unjustified invasion of Iraq). The Christians have to look at themselves before slandering Islam or other great religions either by publishing offensive cartoons or quoting their bigot brothers of the past. Catholicism's murderous and compromised history (crusades sanctioned by the Pope Urban) left it with no moral leg to stand on to criticize other religions. It was the Christian west who colonized and enslaved most of the world by force and pillaged various continents of their natural resources during most of the modern history.

But THEN...

I love my Muslim brothers and non-Muslim friends. I want only the best for them. It pains me to see Islam connected to thin-skinned emotional reactions to comments by the likes of Popeye popes and insulting cartoons.

Why can't Muslim leadership be true wise leaders? I fail to accept them as being so incapable and impotent? Don't they want to help our Muslim brothers and sisters to walk a path of restrain? Don't they see the value of mature broadshouldered acceptance of outsiders occasional inappropriate comments? A shrug is a more advanced reaction than a fist or a fury. It's the Sunnah. It's the Quran!

The current path is embarrassing. The rabble rousing and the inability of Muslim leadership to contain the resulting violence and vitriolic makes me cringe in sympathy for the ordinary Muslim. They are the ones who must live, and cope daily, with the reputation this creates.

This is on top the linkage of modern Islam to terrorism, murder, intolerance. What a burden!

We have a voice. Why hinder? Why not help? Help in making this World a Better place!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Israel, Hamas, Hezbollah

All it took was a couple of soldiers for Israel to go on the offensive against the Hezbollah. How many innocent Indians will it take for our politicians to meet the enemy eye-to-eye? What will it take for the Indian politician to realize that the enemy is not interested in peace? - So wrote one, Rahul Sharma from Austin, Texas, in Gulf News Online newspaper, Letters to Editor section.

Many amongst us Indians feel quite awed and mesmerised by Israel's heroic deeds in the Middle East. Part of the appreciation for Israeli actions lies in the maxim - "Enemies enemy is my friend...", where the whole Muslim world is considered an enemy of Hindutva version of Hinduism but part of the problem also lies amongst the nouveo rich NRI genre of peepat's who sit far beyond in the lands where conflicts/misadventures like the ones undertaken by Israel, if carbon - copied by India, would have little or no direct effects in their personal / immediate family lives.

Coming back to Israel. Co-religionists of the Einstein, the land of educated scientists and sufferers of untold misery in the hands of Europeans during WWII. They are now facing a dire threat to their homeland by Iranians/Arabs who wants to push them into the sea. They indeed deserves our sympathy and more.

The Arabs/ general, are good for nothing fellas...dispensable on human resources level and mistakenly blessed by God on natural resources level. These guys can aptly be annihilated and their lands re-habitated by poeple from around the world. If not annihilated, at least made slavishly subserviance for 'shudra' kinda works.

Afterall...honestly...the whole Middle East except Israel..has not a thing to offer to humanity except ill-gotten Oil and Gas. I still remember someone aptly summarising the US built up to Iraq War. He wrote: " Let's cut the crap..kick the ass and get the Gas..!!!"
Had Bush said that in all honesty..I would have lesser problems with him on moral grounds.

On to Israel Again! Having fought since it's creation with hostile muslim nations around, it's a persona of strength against all odds. ( Not many knows that US opened direct Air bridge and transfered arms that were not yet put into mainstream production lines during Israel's war with Egypt in 1973). Anyways..Jo jeeta wohi sikander.

Now, just a bit of Israel's unquestioned history..bear with me!!

Throughout history many countries have been occupied, but establishment of a new country with a utterly new set of people, is a new phenomenon that is exclusive to our times. Sixty years ago the country itself did not exist that could be called as Israel. Six million Jews that were surely related to at least two million families are fabled to have been incinerated across Europe. Numbers deny logic but let's believe them. Hmmm..Ok Let me explain...not the Iranian Ahmedinejad's way...but more rational way.

Historically...the Talmud (Old Testament) cites examples of many billions of Jews being killed (including children being burned). Needless to say, there have never been that many Jews on the face of the earth. The same falsification and embellishment is true with regard to the "holocaust" of World War II. Many Jews died, but not the six million that is claimed. Perhaps a million died, none from gas chambers. Red Cross documentation which Jewish controllers refuse to release, is suspected of suggesting that some 100,000 were lost.

As historian David Irving (poor guy is suffering jail term for being condemned as an Anti Semite) and many others have rightly observed, there never were gas chambers at the concentration camps. And, it would have been impossible for the Germans to have gassed and then burned an average of 12,000 Jews every day. Reports by concentration camp survivors that tell of the guards going into "gas chambers" as soon as one batch of Jews had been killed, clearing out the bodies, and then filling the room again are patently false – the guards (none of whom was reported to have worn a mask) would have instantly died, since cyanide does not dissipate or disappear in a few minutes, it takes hours and hours. Remember..Bhopal!!??

Also, there would have been bones and ashes to show, with cyanide residue. None of this has EVER BEEN found. This also brings to fore the fabled "Hindu holocaust" theory of P N Oak's and agressively pursued by RSS. But more on that later.

Even the Auschwitz Memorial which once stated that six million Jews had died now states that perhaps a million died. The plaque has been altered from 6 to 1 million. That being said, even a million dead people is a lot. The degree of suffering they experienced, and the treatment they received from hateful, evil Nazis was a fact. Yet, that does not excuse all of the evils and wrongs committed by the victors, who fire-bombed civilian populations in Germany and Japan, and dropped atomic bombs on cities in Japan, before ending the war. The intentional massacring of millions of civilians by the Allied victors was certainly a war crime, and perhaps of larger impact than what happened to the Jews.
Again let us assume that these events are true. Does that logically translate into the establishment of the state of Israel in the Middle East or support for such a state? How can this phenomenon be rationalized or explained?

-Many thousands are killed in the process.

-Millions of indigenous people are made refugees.

-Hundreds of thousands of hectares of farmland, olive plantations, towns and villages are destroyed.

This tragedy is not exclusive to the time of establishment; unfortunately it has been ongoing for sixty years now.

A regime has been established which does not show mercy even to kids, destroys houses while the occupants are still in them, announces beforehand its list and plans to assassinate Palestinian political figures, and keeps thousands of Palestinians in prison. Such a phenomenon is unique – or at the very least extremely rare – in recent memory.

But who wants to be sanctimonous in this day or age? Especially if it's Muslim on the recieving end? They always start it first!! Yeah! get your clues from them..Genius B278273!!

Israeli government asserts that it is facing not an enemy with rights, but “terrorists”, “criminals” and “gangs”. And those, of course, have no rights.

In a war, there are “prisoners of war”. That applies to Cpl. Gilad Shalit, who was taken prisoner in a military action, as well as to the Palestinian fighters who are held by us. But Israeli government defines Shalit as “kidnapped” and the Palestinian prisoners as criminals.

It seems that the Jewish brain is inventing new patents. After the Unilateral Disengagement and the Unilateral Peace, we have now a Unilateral War. A war in which one side (the stronger) enjoys all the rights of a belligerent party, while the other (weaker) side has no rights at all.

A war must have an aim. What is the aim of this war? Like George Bush’s invasion of Iraq, Ehud Olmert’s invasion of Gaza has an aim that changes from day to day.

It started as an operation to save Cpl. Shalit. How does one free a soldier who has been taken prisoner by underground organizations, whose whereabouts are unknown? How does one free him by force without endangering his life?

The army has a solution: Apply massive force. If only we kill and destroy more and more, the Palestinian people will demand that the underground fighters release the captured soldier. Unconditionally.

This might be called the “Harris Principle”. In World War II, the British Air-Marshal Arthur Harris (“Bomber Harris”) promised to bring Germany to its knees by turning its cities into rubble. But Germany surrendered only after the last German house was taken by foot soldiers.

The Palestinian population, too, is not collapsing, in spite of its dreadful situation. It demands, almost unanimously, that the captors not release the soldiers if there is no release of “Palestinian prisoners of war”. Same is the demand of Hezbollah who want their Guantanamo type political prisoners held in Israeli prisons for no charges whatsoever.

So, instead of the release of the prisoner, a new war aim was born: To put an end to the launching of the it has transformed into end to hizbollah...and end to hamas and god knows what?

Like every single event in the 120 years of the Zionist-Palestinian conflict, this one, too, is burned into the consciousness of the two peoples in very different ways. For most Israelis, this is another chapter in the long war against “Palestinian terrorism”. Again their brave soldiers are obliged to face the vile Palestinian murderers, who aim to throw them into the sea.

For the other side, this is a heroic stand of their finest sons against an evil and vicious enemy. One of the strongest armies in the world, equipped with the most up-to-date weaponry, is deployed against a handful of untrained fighters with primitive arms. Fighter planes, helicopter gun ships, heavy tanks, artillery, missile boats, armored bulldozers and night-vision sights — all against Kalashnikovs and RPGs (light anti-tank weapons).

The struggle between the Palestinian militias is giving way to a new unity against the common enemy. Already on the eve of the operation, Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas agreed with Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah to accept the “prisoners’ paper”, which de facto recognizes Israel within the Green Line border. Now, in the heat of battle, Fatah members clamor to join the Hamas fighters in the struggle against the invader, and the remnants of Abbas’ influence are fading.

If the Israeli government carries out its public threats to kill the Palestinian prime minister and his ministers, Hamas will only emerge strengthened. The place of the martyrs will be filled by new leaders from among the fighters, and the Palestinians will close ranks behind them.

The most dispensable people on earth too...have this uncanny ability to defy logic and fight back against those who come to occupy their lands and resources.
Why can't muslim communities be like Red Indians and Aborigines, confined to showcases of history in their own lands that they dwell in ?

Yes on the Day 5 of the conflict : Israel has 24 civilian deaths and lebanon 150.
Year 4 of War into terror, US has lost around 2500 of it's soldiers and Muslim lives lost, official count:~ 40000

How very dispensable to this World.

O Muslims!!!....You are yourself to be blamed. What a shame whem you claim to be the sole possessors of the uncorrupted message from Almighty!! What a shame, that our despotic, impotent rulers with all their military might and swearing servitude to USA cannot even accomplish what tiny footsoldiers of Hezbollah and Hamas have done despite being branded as terrorists for fighting against occupying army of great strength and having absolute and unquestioned backing of a superpower.
Hezbollah will loose...short of a miracle. Israel will inflict heavy human toll as a lesson. But at it is sending an unmistakable message to the United States on behalf of its regional allies, Syria and Iran - " squeeze us, and we will retaliate to the best of our abilities."

And Mr. Rahul Sharma....Be very cautious of when you ask of India to bahave the way Israel least, live in India to bear it's ramifications.